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Direct Support Professional - Residential Manager oversees and participates in the delivery of services in a group home and/or Personal Care Alternative (PCA) environment. The position requires a combination of administrative and direct support work.

Direct Support Professional (DSP) works in various work training, employment, activities, and support capacities. DSPs must be able to work in an environment that is often busy, while at the same time be able to create and plan activities. We look for people who are creative, high energy, have a good knowledge of successful work skills, and can teach these skills effectively.

Van Driver transports persons served in program to and from day programming, community employment, community activities and appointments. Also Interacts with all individuals and all staff at all times with appropriate voice tone, level and pitch, language used, gestures and physical movements in compliance with individual rights while at all times respecting the rights of individuals and staff.

Day Program Manager is responsible for the overall management of a day program serving adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities that, through the provision of training, education and support, assists participants to realize their individual potentials through a variety of activities that include social skills acquisition, community connections, engagement in meaningful activities, and vocational training and employment.

Direct Support Professional II - Job Coach provides assistance and training to adults with developmental disabilities to help them to achieve more meaningful, productive employment and/or activities in accordance with COI value statements. Job coaches work with staff and employers to make plans necessary for a person to obtain, train for and retain a job.

Direct Support Professional - Medical Clerk provides assistance with all medical, dental and therapeutic appointments to persons receiving services in accordance with COI values. Also assists in the set up and maintenance of charts and records for each person served.

Direct Support Professional Coordinator provides assistance and training to adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities, enabling them to achieve more meaningful, productive lives, in accordance with COI value statements. Also assists program management with administrative duties.

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