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Host Homes


A terrific team – making a difference!

In the Community Options world, “host homes” consist of families or individuals who sponsor (or host) one or more adult clients who have intellectual developmental disabilities in their daily lives, in their own homes.

As host home providers, these are families in our community who open not only their hearts, but their homes, as well. This humanitarian gesture is inspired by kindness and a willingness to forgo personal comforts for a time for the sake of those in need. In an adult host home, an individual with intellectual developmental disabilities can experience being in a supportive environment and can enjoy real-life interactions with a loving family.

The host home provides compassionate support & offers teaching skills for the client(s). In this setting, the person(s) can begin experiencing much-needed independence; as well as assistance with dressing, hygiene, meal preparation, eating, medications, transportation to & from appointments, personal finances, and taking care of their own living environment.

If you would like more information regarding host homes or would like to apply, please contact Shayna Kittell, our Host Home Program Supervisor .

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